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Bar & Liquor Service

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Distinctive Catering offer full Professional Licensed Cocktail Service for off-premise events. We have insurance and a professionally certified and trained bartending staff. We are trained and ready for any gala event or function & know how to legally handle a bar serving alcohol. We are also a union shop.
Our people are trained not to serve minors or inebriated patrons. You will not run afoul of any liquor ordinances nor worry about your patrons being arrested or you getting sued because of their drunken behavior.
Safety and legal issues aside, we do our job right. We know how to mix those cocktails like Martinis, Tom Collins, Margaritas then serve them in a pleasing manner that you and all your guests will approve of and appreciate. We are not like a corner bar just pouring shots of whiskey or drawing drafts of beer. We know how to serve with style and class.

Rates are: Starting at $20.00 per person for 4 hours of beer and wine service depending on type of beer and wine. This includes insurance and labor.